Central Okanagan Teachers Association February Conference

February 22, 2019

10:15-12:15 and 12:45-2:45 (Same session offered twice)

No Such Thing as Problem Youth, Just Youth With Problems

We can never undo emotional trauma but we can teach youth to manage their issues and turn them into strengths. The session will focus upon changing how teachers view at-risk youth, how to recognize mental health issues, how to find the root causes of the issues and not just see the symptoms, and how to change those who feel like failures into those who know they are successes. Real life examples and input from actual “problem students” will illustrate that there is no such thing as problem youth, just youth with problems. Teach them to cope and they will soar. It should be noted that at-risk youth not only inspired this course, but have also been actively involved with the development of the topics.