Problem Youth vs. Youth With Problems

There are several options for workshops or presentations ranging from 1 hour sessions to the 30 hour course available through UBC Okanagan Summer Institute in Education.  Each workshop/presentation will be customized according to the audience and the time allotted.  All topics include real life examples of challenges and successes with at-risk youth and contain input from students as to what they think is important for educators to know.

Topics can include:

  1. Starting With Your Core Values and Beliefs
  2. Empathy Instead of Sympathy
  3. Social Construct Theory vs. Disorders
  4. Labels and Their Effects
  5. The Benefits of Intergenerational Events and Connectedness
  6. Self-esteem
  7. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  8. Learning Gaps vs Learning Disabilities
  9. The Gifted “Problem Youth”
  10. Treating Roots of Problems Rather Than Symptoms
  11. Relationships and Trust
  12. The Importance of Behaviour Modeling
  13. Creating Pride
  14. Creating a naturally flowing culture of acceptance.
  15. Giving them a voice through TEDx, Ignite, and other public speaking events.
  16. Reacting to Trauma
  17. Clear and Relevant Expectations
  18. When and How Far To Push Them to Challenge Themselves