I have presented on a number of topics and I can tailor a presentation to suit the needs of the audience for parents, for school districts, and for both mainstream and alternate schools.

At-Risk Youth and Mental Health Topics

  1. Start With Your Core Values and Beliefs
  2. Empathy vs. Sympathy
  3. Social Construct Theory vs. Disorders
  4. Labels and Their Effects
  5. The Benefits of Intergenerational Events and Connectedness
  6. Self-esteem
  7. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  8. Learning Gaps vs Learning Disabilities
  9. The Gifted “Problem Youth”
  10. Roots of Issues vs. Symptoms
  11. Differences Between Relationships and “Acquaintanceships”
  12. The Importance of Behaviour Modeling
  13. Creating Pride Without Superiority
  14. Creating a Culture of Acceptance
  15. Giving Voice Through TEDx, Ignite, and Other Public Speaking
  16. Reacting to Trauma and Overcoming the Effects
  17. Clear and Relevant Expectations
  18. When and How Far To Push Them to Challenge Themselves

Intergenerational Approaches

  1. Working With Seniors
  2. Working With Elementary Schools
  3. Creating a Cutlture of Acceptance
  4. Importance of Mental Health in Behaviour Modification
  5. Giving Back